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Study design :A prospective, observational, andcontrolled study. Purpose:To evaluate the long-term effectsof the soft contact lens (CL) on cornealcurvature, corneal surface regularity,corneal thickness , corneal endotheliumand tear break-up time inmild-moderatemyopia comparing tothenon-contact lens users myopiceyes,and to estimate the refractiveandtopographic alterations in myopiccontact lens users (CLU) after twoweekscessation of wearing.Methods:The changes in topography, andpachymetry, corneal endothelium, and TBUT were assessed in CLUgroup. The first pentacam evaluationwas done within one day after CL removal(first visit) and then the secondexamination after two weeksfromthe cessation of CL (secondvisit).The topographical indices includedkeratometry readings in theflattest(K1), steepest meridians(K2),anterior maximum K reading (Kmax),minimum K reading (K min),Indexof Surface Variance (ISV), keratoconusindex (KI), central and thinnestcorneal thickness, endothelialcount,Coefficient of variation (CV)andhexagonal % were recordedeachvisit.Results:Following 2 weeks discontinua-tion of soft CL, changes in K read- ings, endothelial count, CV, hexagonal% seemed to be reversible, nevertheless,the changes in cornealthicknessand TBUT appeared to requiremore time for resolving. Conclusions:Soft CL use is contributing to clinically substantial changes in topographicalcorneal parameters, cornealthickness, endothelial count,andTBUT. After 2 weeks of wearingdiscontinuations,these changeswerereversible except corneal thicknessand TBUT, which may need alongertime for recovery

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