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Background: Sex-associated hormonesinfluence the severity of Toxoplasmagondii infectionespeciallyduringpregnancy and if immmunosuppressiontakes place. Aim of the study: So, the aim ofour work is to study sex-related effectson the course of chronic toxoplasmosisin mice. Methods: Twenty male and 20 femalemice were artificially infectedwithcystogenic type II ME49Toxoplasmastrain. The morbidity was assessedin both sexes in acute stagebyobserving clinical signs of toxoplasmosisbesides examination ofperitonealaspirate for tachyzoites.Inchronic stage, morbidity was as- sessed by estimation of brain cystburden, histopathological examinationand monitoring serum antiToxoplasmaIL- 12 using ELISA. Results: There was no significantdifference between males and femalesregarding clinical signs inacutestage. In chronic stage, femaleshave more brain cyst countandmore pathological lesions thanmales.Moreover, the results obtainedby measurement of antiToxoplasmaIL-12 showed high levelsin male than female group. Conclusion: Our results demonstratedthat male mice are less susceptibleto infection while, femaleonesare more susceptible andshowingexaggerated inflammatory reaction and more cysts count in brain.

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