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Osteoarthritis (OA) is highly prevalentchronic disease affecting synovialjoints leading to irreversible damageto all joint structures. Statins, inadditionto their cholesterol-loweringactivity,have pleiotropic effects. Theaimof this study is to evaluate andcomparethe potential prophylacticeffectsof oral, intraarticular atorvastatinor their combination in surgicallyinduced OA in rats through medialmeniscaltear procedure. Rats weredividedinto five groups; control normalgroup, control non-treated osteoarthriticgroup, oral atorvastatinegroup < br />(10 mg/kg), intraarticular atorvastatinegroup (0.4mg/ /kg) and combined oral and intraarticular atorvastatinegroup. The drug given immediatelyafter surgical induction ofOAfor six weeks.. All atorvastatintreatedgroups showed significant reductionin matrix metalloproteinase13(MMP 13), interleukin- 1 ß (IL- 1ß)and tumor necrosis factor- α(TNF-α),malondialdehyde (MDA)andsignificant increase in reducedglutathione(GSH). Also, there weresignificanthistological improvementcomparedto control osteoarthriticnon-treatedgroup.It can be concluded that atorvastatinhas beneficial prophylactic effectand reduced the development of OA lesions in a rat model of OAwhen given early after surgical inductionof OA either by oral, IA orcombinedrouts and may be suggestedas a promising OA disease modifyingdrugs. It was also found thatcombinedoral and IA administrationofatorvastatin produced better improvementthan oral or IA alone, thismaybe explained by synergism inactionof atorvastatin when given bycombinedoral and IA.

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