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Eldesoky, Nourhan

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A lot of people were affected with COVID-19, and it has an obvious effect on the heart. There are many cardiovascular complications of corona virus disease. Myocardial infarction is one of the diseases that can be caused by this virus and it is common among those patients. As well as, echocardiographic changes are found in COVID-19 patients like ST elevation that may resemble that of MI. However, the incidence of MI decreased during this pandemic due to many causes including the fear of the patients from catching the infection from the hospitals. In addition to that, there are many mechanisms that can lead to MI in those patients, including cytokine storm. Elevated cardiac troponin in COVID-19 patients may indicate type 2 MI or type 1 but it has a prognostic value. The management didn’t change a lot during the pandemic in comparison to before it, however personal protective equipment is very important to protect the medical stuff from the virus.

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