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Elbaz, Sara

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Hematology and oncology

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Review Article


The tongue is a muscular organ completely covered by mucous membrane and made up of two portions divided by the V-shaped sulcus terminalis: an anterior 2/3 (oral tongue) and a posterior 1/3 (tongue base). The tongue is essential to normal speech as well as swallowing process, and healthy tongue function is vital within the general quality of life. Tongue cancers are aggressive tumors with poor prognosis, so the early detection markedly raises the possibility of cure with minimal impairment and deformity. Management needs a surgical, medical and radiation oncologist in association with speech therapist, physical rehabilitation, and psychologists. In addition to regular follow-up and good family support are leading to better outcomes. The reconstruction of the tongue post oncologic resection results in better speech and swallowing. In addition, there is a variety of flap options, and no one is superior to another, but it depends on the tongue defect size, patient factors, and team expertise. Therefore, the article focuses on tongue reconstruction by using various flap modalities.

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