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This essay will delve into the knowledge circling the new emerging disease after COVID-19 has spread over the whole world and it affects children for the most part. PIMS-TS symptoms overlapped with Kawasaki Disease (KD) which is hyperinflammatory and multiorgan involvement. PIMS-TS incidence is unknown as of date. Albeit little is known about this disease, reports had shown that this disease is prevalent in the region where KD is not a familiar disease while regions that are famous with KD reported no case of PIMS-TS. While some symptoms overlapped with KD, the difference now is PIMS-TS affect the child of all ages and have a quick and more severe progression of symptoms. Multiorgan involvement such as cardiac, renal, respiratory, hematology, gastrointestinal, neurology, and dermatology coincide with hyperinflammation shows that this disease needs to be attended under emergency cases. To treat PIMS-TS, many experts have shown the steps to manage it by using the culmination of previous KD treatment, the experience of adult COVID-19 treatment, and other types of pediatric hyperinflammatory treatment. Also to prevent other complications that accompany the syndrome needs to be addressed with supplementary therapy and follow-up is a compulsory as the syndrome is newly discovered.

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