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Shoma, Ashraf

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General Surgery

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For the group of people which is morbidly obese, bariatric surgery remains the most successful form of weight reduction method that is available nowadays. But the idea of weight regain is a risk for all patients after the bariatric surgery. The body weight regain is an important hindrance to many people after the bariatric operation. Hence, it gives a vast full of complications to occur in the future. The root causes for weight recurrence are highly variable, which includes socioeconomic status, physical, physiological, dietary, and pathological factors, which may also be procedure-specific. Little information is currently available about how to anticipate and treat all the patients who regain their former weight. The standard method would be to warn patients on the possibility of weight recovery and to be aware of the potential solutions if it happens. The management includes multidisciplinary counselling and requisite one or more revision or conversion surgeries.

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