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Background: The aim of the current study was to analyze the incidence and clinical presentations of patients with chicken pox in the post COVID-19 era. Additionally, the management protocols of these patients were highlighted.

Patients and methods: This prospective cohort included 70 patients of Chicken pox diagnosed and managed in a tertiary referral center over a 2-months duration. Patients’ symptoms, complications, treatment, as well as outcomes were documented and analyzed.

Results: a sharp increase in the incidence of chickenpox was observed in our institute compared to the same season in the previous years. Unusual presentations were also reported including older age of presentation, second attacks of chickenpox infection after previous infection, increased severity of disease, genital pruritus, genital pustular lesions with inflammatory edema, and dysuria.

Conclusion: Increased incidence, as well as unusual clinical presentations have been observed in our tertiary referral center in the post-COVID-19 era. This may be due to increased transmission among population after discontinuation of social distancing and curfew. Additionally immunologic drift has been observed after exposure to COVID-19 virus, and it may be responsible for increased susceptibility for infections. Proper diagnosis and management, as well as vaccination and public awareness are essential for lowering the incidence of complications and improving the disease outcome.

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